Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

The R&SRNR Podcast Series

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The “new” R&SRNR shares its name, theme, and jingles with its 1980s predecessor, but now it is a much different show.

The “original” R&SRNR covered 12 or more different topics in each three-hour program and was mostly music augmented by brief disc jockey transitions between various songs and subject segments – all presented in a “Top 40 Radio” style.

The “new” R&SRNR focuses on just one subject in each 30 to 90-minute-long podcast episode. The music is edited to “snippets,” and the content is mostly Radio Dave and Ken Deutsch, with an occasional guest expert, talking about the tunes – all presented in a “rockumentary” style.


Our R&SRNR Team

“Radio Dave” – host, writer, and producer

Ken Deutsch – quality control, content guidance, post-production, jingles, and R&SRNR logo artwork - our official "rockologist"

Mr. Announcer – "legal disclaimers,+ "Happygrams," and other special announcements during each episode

Linda Beth – executive muse

Richard Olin – web site adviser/creator

Mark Spencer – social media and public relations