Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

This is the first of two episodes saluting one of the most successful and enduring singer/songwriters in rock and pop music history. His recordings span more than seven decades. He’s also composed hit records for several other artists, as well as one of the most famous television show themes of all time. He is Paul Anka.

During the course of our Paul Anka retrospective, we’ll sample all of his hit singles, plus the original versions by artists who inspired him. Then you’ll hear the charted 45 RPM remakes of his hits by other singers. And we’ll revisit hits he wrote expressly for other performers

On this edition of Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll, we’ll spotlight Paul Anka’s special connections with Annette Funicello, Buddy Holly, Connie Francis, and Johnny Carson. And our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, presents a personal interview with Paul Anka, recorded in 1974.