You never would’ve heard all the great hits you grew up with if it weren’t for your favorite local top-40 radio stations, and your favorite local DJs.

In New York you probably heard Cousin Brucie on music radio WABC. In Dallas it was Ken Dowe on 11-90 “KLIF.” Los Angeles had Charlie Van Dyke rocking out on boss radio 93-KHJ. And our resident rockologist, Ken Deutsch, listened to DJs such as Dick Biondi and Art Roberts on 89-WLS, Chicago. Radio Dave grew up with Joel Sebastian and Lee Alan at WXYZ/1270 in Detroit.

In a fun departure from our regular format, we’re turning most of this episode over to Ken Deutsch, the owner of the largest radio station jingle collection on this planet. He’ll flog your memory banks with some of the jocks and jingles that made your particular top-40 station so memorable.

And Ken interviews two of the big air talents who played the hits back in the day – Bob Sirott and – Al Mitchell.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll