This episode spotlights a 1970s group known for their marvelous melodies and exquisite harmonies. They also exemplified the so called, “power pop” music style that took off after the group disbanded.

And then we’ll focus on their lead singer who went on to another two decades of solo successes, including hits that he either performed or composed for other artists that were included in major Hollywood blockbuster films.

Our featured artists got their start in Cleveland. And we’ll trace their rock and roll family tree as they came together after apprenticeships in different local garage bands to meld their talents as master musicians in an act that attained international stardom.

After they broke up, their lead singer and primary songwriter crafted ballads, hard rock, and even country and western hits that reflected his childhood classical music training. We're talking about the Raspberries, and their lead singer and primary songwriter – Eric Carmen. Hear their complete hit singles history here.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll