This episode spotlights one of the most popular so-called “sunshine pop” groups of the 1960s. Earlier in their career, they might also have been the first act to coin the term, “folk rock,” as their sound evolved.

And although they were not connected with the drug culture that pervaded the late 1960’s rock world, the popularity of their first hit single probably was enhanced by its title, which was a slang expression for marijuana.

Best known for their love songs, one of their most famous ballads was somewhat off-key. Another one of their trademark tunes is ranked as the second most played song of the twentieth century.

They were called upon to create the music soundtrack for the popular 1969 Hollywood film that launched the career of famed actress Ali McGraw.

We’ll explore their other connections with Joan Baez, Led Zeppelin, David Cassidy, and many others. They’re the Association. And you’ll hear samples of all their hit singles – all right here.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll