This episode spotlights one of the most dynamic stars in rock and roll history.

His live shows and his recordings emanated pure energy. Most of his hits were blistering re-makes of other singers’ originals – often combined into medleys. He injected them with a power that excited audiences and a unique sound that sold millions of 45s and 33s.

Although he and his backup band were a popular attraction in his hometown Detroit area, international stardom finally came when a tape of one of performances was sent by a well-known Motor City radio disc jockey to the famed producer of the Four Seasons, who also just happened to own a record company.

Our featured artist is Mitch Ryder – best known for his hits with the Detroit Wheels.

So, buckle the seatbelt on your podcast player, as we take a ride through rock and roll history with all of Mitch Ryder’s hit singles and a whole lot more.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll