This episode features a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and record company owner who made a career primarily by re-doing rhythm and blues, country, rockabilly, and rock hits that were previously done by other artists.

Ironically, his only #1 song, among his 32 charted records, was one that he wrote and originated. Along the way, he had a major impact on the careers of such stars as Glen Campbell, James Taylor, and the Fifth Dimension, as well as creating musical connections with teen idol Ricky Nelson and Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

You’ll hear those stories along with the little-known narrative of how, before he became a star, our featured singer’s stage named ended up on someone else’s 45.

Our resident rockologist – Ken Deutsch – will be along with that story, along with some other fun factoids throughout this podcast.

We’re spotlighting Johnny Rivers. And we’ll sample all of his hit singles along with the originals he covered that were first done by other artists. 

See the complete hit singles discography of Johnny Rivers on the "Musicology" page.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll