Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

This episode spotlights the first white band to popularize rock & roll.

They didn’t match the youthful age or the physical appearance of the later acts that most teenagers identified with as this then-new sound captured the music world’s attention in the 1950s. But this group’s showmanship and impact were revolutionary for that time.

Their trademark tune is one of the candidates for the designation of the first rock and roll record. It became the first number one rock and roll hit ever on the pop charts, inspired a Hollywood movie of the same name, was featured a generation later in a famed film, and was the initial theme for an iconic network television comedy series.

They were the first rock and roll act ever on the previously staid Ed Sullivan television show, and also were the first rock and roll band to make an around-the-world performance tour.

They’re Bill Haley & His Comets. Hear their fascinating story, including some fun commentary by our resident rockologist, Ken Deutsch, and all their hits singles – all right here.

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