This episode spotlights the pre-pop and rock careers of forty great stars over the past seven decades. Before their time on the hit music charts, these artists found jobs as waitresses, plumbers, electricians, window washers, truck drivers, secretaries, used record store managers, disc jockeys, hamburger flippers, laborers, ordained preachers, nurse’s aides, policemen, boxers, meat packers, hairdressers, janitors, commercial artists, advertising agency executives, dishwashers, grave diggers, computer designers and technicians, and telephone installers.

One was an astro-physicist. Another was a major league baseball team batboy. Playboy bunny and model are on two recording star employment records. Several others were elementary school, high school, and college teachers.

Then there’s the star who plays a policeman on a long-running television series – he led a real life of crime before rapping about armed violence and arresting fictional wrong-doers.

Hear where these performers were hired before they achieved higher success. It’s all right here.

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