Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

Some of the biggest rock and pop stars sang jingles – those catchy commercials about soft drinks, cereal, clothing, cars, and lots of other products and services.

Several superstars just sang jingles at the beginning of their careers, while others recorded them concurrently with their regular repertoire. There’s so much fun material here that we’ve made this a two-part podcast.

On part one (episode #_040) , we’ll broadcast the beverage brand that launched the trend of big name acts customizing their signature sounds to pitch products and services. We’ll also feature some names you know that you might not know sang jingles: Buddy Holly, Paul Revere & The Raiders, the Monkees, the Turtles, the Yardbirds, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and many others.

On part two (episode #041), we’ll identify one of the most famous, yet least publicly-known female voices in the music business. And we’ll hear from the Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Neil Diamond, Chuck Berry, Barry Manilow, Johnny Rivers, the Four Seasons, and many others singing to sell blue jeans, chewing gum, restaurants, department stores, sun tan lotion, and batteries.

Ken Deutsch, our resident "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" rockologist and pre-eminent jingle producer, co-hosts both episodes of what we like to call "Singling & Jingling Parts One & Two.