This episode spotlights an act that was all over your favorite rock radio stations and ubiquitous on network television in the 1960s and 1970s.

They made major record label history by being the first rock and roll group ever signed by Columbia. And their lead singer, primary producer, and frequent song composer moved on to a solo career and even became a senior record company executive himself.

They started as an instrumental group, moved on to rhythm and blues, adopted a garage band sound, and then emulated the rock groups of the British invasion. They ultimately evolved into flower power, political action, acid rock, country rock, and even easy listening styles with dozens of charted recordings. Along the way, they sang about famous cars of the era, and those songs were given away as promotional records at automobile dealers and also used in commercials.

They’re Paul Revere & the Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay. It all began in a chance meeting in a restaurant in the late 1950s, and before this podcast ends, you’ll have a chance to hear about all their hit singles – not only as Paul Revere & The Raiders, but also Mark Lindsay’s solo releases – plus other sound souvenirs.

See Paul Revere  & The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay's complete hit singles discography on the "Musicology" page.

Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll