Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

We’ve assembled the greatest group of melodious medical practitioners ever to be heard in one podcast – and they’re on call just for you. 

Are the endless encores of the same songs, constant commercials, and perpetual pre-pubescent patter on the radio giving you a headache?  Is your home audio system constipated?  Does your car stereo have indigestion? Is your podcast player all pooped out? Are you tired of being on lock-down and sheltering-in-place? Would you rather be on rock-down and rocking-in-place?

Sounds like you need an immediate appointment with the “Rare & Scratchy Rock & Roll” Doctors.  They’ve got the prescription to cure your musical ills! Their diagnosis is that you need some strong musical medicine. So, they’ve prescribed a concentrated dose of songs about doctors and rock and roll illnesses. They’re all virus free, clinically tested, and we’ve got ‘em for you.

Plus, our resident Rockologist Ken Deutsch interviews a real rock and roll doctor – renowned Neurologist Hal Pineless – who’ll opine on the health benefits of the music we love.