We truly appreciate the comments our listeners email to us, as well as those that they post online via social media and download sites.

"Whether you grew up listening to the “Home of the Good Guys’ or “Home of the All Americans’ you will undoubtedly enjoy the meticulous research that Radio Dave conducts for each of his Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘n Roll Podcasts.  I know I do. I especially enjoyed the in-depth look at the most popular Christmas and Holiday recordings and their secret history. Also, both the Mamas & Papas and the Fifth Dimension’s exhaustive career profiles were special favorites. Hearing the stories behind the hits, the hits you never hear anymore, are welcome and create very special feelings and memories. Do yourself a favor and subscribe the podcast so you do not miss a single one."

- W.G.

"Listened to the John Denver episode yesterday. I love the depth of history and

context that Radio Dave brings to these broadcasts. It is like listening to a well

written story mixed with music and laughter."

- M.B.

"So cool! I love listening to this podcast on my Google Home Speaker."

- E.E.

"I like it on FB and I like it for real. You rock!!"

- R.G.

"Excellent! A thoroughly enjoyable 45-plus minutes (well, apart from the Pat Boone interruption!). I look forward to the next episode."

- D.N. 

"Just listening to and enjoying Rare 'n' Scratchy 011. You state that Elvis sang 'Paralyzed' in the film 'Loving You.' That I do not remember, and the song did not appear on the soundtrack LP, either the 10-inch or the 12-inch version. The number first appeared on the 1956 LP 'Elvis'.  ... Listening further, I heard the wonderful 'Party.' Now that did come from 'Loving You.'


[Note from Radio Dave: Thanks for identifying this mistake. You are absolutely right, and it is great that we can alert listeners with that correction here. Many thanks!]

"This is so cool. Excited to add this to my podcast library."


"Lovin' the podcast!  Harry Warren!  Wow!"


"​I friended your page, shared it on my page and wrote about it on my wall!"


"Actually, I think the format - as you have it - with just the song snippets might even be better than hearing the full songs. It's your voice and storytelling that makes these podcasts really click. I think playing the entire song might actually bog things down.  We get to hear just the right amount of the song!  Am on TP Alley now!  I like your PSA/legal announcements too!"


​"I love the concept and I'm sure many other lovers of our music will as well. My Name Is Nay and I Play The Groups."


[Note from Radio Dave: This is from the co-host of the DooWop2Soul program. http://www.doowop2soul.com/homepage.html that also is featured on the "Helpful Links" page of my web site.]

"I played a portion of your latest R&S podcast and everyone thought it was amazing. You sounded terrific – SO professional (which makes sense since you’ve been doing it so long.)"


"I enjoyed episode 007A -- a listen to half the James Bond music themes, some backstories and even some rejected songs and singers. I actually liked the Johnny Cash take on a theme for Thunderball -- sort of Ghost Riders in the Sky for spies. Great fun as always."


"This is looking like a place I will be spending some "quality" time !! And the James Bond series and the "Mystery" series; oh wow !! Thanks so much...Love the name as even on some of the YouTube songs I chose the 45's w/the "scratch" sound; brings me back...**Ever going to do a Matt Helm series?"


"I’ve started listening to your podcasts on Stitcher. They are SO great!! The one I listened to most recently was the one on Race Relations. It was just sooo cool, and I learned so much. I’m excited to keep listening, learning, and enjoying these great tracks!"


"I just had the opportunity to listen to several of your recordings and must tell you that I was mighty impressed!  In all seriousness, both the text and the recordings themselves were truly professional work."


"I've introduced my husband to your podcast, which he has been really enjoying ... I finally had a chance to listen to few episodes of your podcast as well. I find it so interesting that so many songs are the remakes of previous pieces.  Thank you so for putting on a wonderful show!"


​"We just LOVE your podcasts!!! You (and your team) are worthy of TOP awards for the amount of, and your delivery of, all the background information behind all these songs, the groups that perform them, events that brought them together etc. You are just So good......I'm looking for a word to describe how GREAT you put it all together.....it's obvious...You love what you do....You're just a Top Shelf Professional! We spread the word to our friends, and they feel the same way."

-S.C. & M.C.

"Just wanted you to know I've been enjoying "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" to ease the shock of our in-coming leadership ... they've been the most enjoyable podcasts. Thanks!"


"There is only one podcast I listen to on a regular basis and with great joy - Rare & Scratchy Rock & Roll by Radio Dave Milberg. Check it out."

"We loved the two baseball shows - Episodes #017 and #018 ... especially the part about Stan Musial and his harmonica. We are big St. Louis Cardinal fans and remember that "Stan The Man" always carried his harmonica with him wherever he went. We look forward to listening to more of your shows."

- G.M. & L.M.

​"This (R&SRNR Episode _037 - "Earth Day") was an incredible fun, enjoyable, hilarious show. Thanks very much.  Just Great."

- W.C.

​"Rare & Scratchy" was recommended to me by Al Mitchell (the original R&SRNR host when it was a syndicated radio series in the 1980s). We had talked about my visiting the Buddy Holly plane crash site a few years ago and the fact that he had attended the last show at the Surf Ballroom. I am so glad that he did. I thoroughly enjoy the stories of the best music ever -- glad you're local (Sarasota, Florida) as well. Interesting to have the back story on the Mini Cooper at the museum over by the airport for instance. Please keep it up."

​​- D.F.

Another great show today Dave about the Monkees! Thank you! I just posted the info regarding this episode on the Zilch Facebook page because of your "shout out" to the Zilch podcast and group. Rare and Scratchy is my favorite podcast and the one I most look forward to each posting....thank you again...greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

​- B.C.

I found your podcasts and started listening to the one about previous jobs held by rock and roll stars.  I now fully understand how one podcast takes so many hours!  Fascinating--and fun--and so engaging!  You rock!  Looking forward to listening to more!

- D.L.

​I love your podcasts. Keep on rockin' Dave!

​- R.B.

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