Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll

How It All Ended (At Least For 30 Years)

Critically acclaimed, heard nationwide, and popular with listeners (Al Mitchell even was tapped to be guest substitute for Casey Kasem on American Top 40), R&SRNR was not able to generate the necessary advertising support to sustain it. Meanwhile, its creators all had great “day jobs” – (Milberg was running a public television station, Deutsch owned a successful jingle production house, and Mitchell became a widely-sought commercial voice for radio and television commercials) – so R&SRNR became a “blast from the past.”

New Technology And The “New” R&SRNR

Fast-forward more than thirty years later to 2015. New and inexpensive digital production technology, the Internet, and an ever-expanding/evolving content delivery system – podcasting – meant that anyone and anywhere could create their own mass communication medium at any time for not many dollars.

Meanwhile, Milberg’s vast music archive (a/k/a “groove yard”) and his wealth of “stories behind the songs” inspired his son Josh (a high-ranking strategy, innovation, and technology executive at a multi-national corporation) to urge him to create his own podcast. Then, Milberg’s wife Linda Beth, Josh and his wife Nikki, and Deutsch and his wife Linda Sue, co-conspired to design and purchase a “broadcast quality” equipment set up to attach to his computer. The stage was set for R&SRNR to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of radio history to a re-birth as a podcast.

So, with the active support of Milberg’s family, the ongoing assistance and guidance of Deutsch, and the blessings and encouragement of Mitchell, preparations began for the “new” R&SRNR in 2015.