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We invite you to visit these “friends of R&SRNR” and/or helpful music information links:

If you're a grown up who feels like a kid, or a kid who feels like a grown-up, you'll love "Breakfast Jams With Fred Koch"– Thursday mornings from 6AM to 8AM (Central Time) over WMXM-FM 88.9. It's non-commercial, and it's all about a fun mix of children's music that grownups will love with grown-up music that children will love. When you call in your music request to Fred at  847.735.6038, tell him that his friends at "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" sent you.

Check out these web sites dedicated Connie Francis, whom we saluted on "R&SRNR" episode #_071 .and episode #072http://www.conniefrancis.com/. and http://www.conniefrancis.com/biography. Lots of great background about this incomparable singer, along with information about her latest book.

Here's a "must read" for music industry fans. It's Ron Roberts' "Nights Of The Turntable."

https://nights-of-the-turntable.com/. This is part 1 of a trilogy. Ron currently is working on part 2 that will be titled "Daze Of The Weak."  So, check out Ron's web site for updates.

All of us at Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll are strong believers in the healing and therapeutic importance of music. So, we are bringing to your attention and recommend that you check out: "How Music Helps with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Music Therapy" A detailed article by Will Tottle - https://www.myaudiosound.co.uk/music-therapy-benefits/

Great music awaits you at our favorite Internet radio station 121NetRadio - StarSets: www.121netradio.com.  There is a built in player on the page for playback. The station is also available through SHOUTcast.com and Tune-in.com by searching "121netradio".

Need to know more background about one of your favorite 1950s and 1960s rock & roll acts? One of the best sites we have found is the Way Back Attack site. Really outstanding information you will not find anywhere else. http://www.waybackattack.com/index.html

Check out the adventures of 1960s D.J. Johnny Lizard in Much More Wonderful Worm -- now available at no cost at: http://jinglesamplers.com/muchmorewonderfulworm.htm   

This is the site for the Doowop2Soul show hosted by Nay and Soul Man Jan:

This is the site for the 3D Radio Activity show hosted by Marty Masters:

This is the YouTube site for Curtis Linder's Curtis Collects Vinyl videos:

The next two links are for the two-volume Answer Songs books that Radio Dave co-authored:


Dick Rosemont has created the best documented and most trusted reference site for the original versions of pop/rock and roll songs: http://www.originalsproject.us/

David Neale has assembled the most comprehensive site ever on the origins and original versions of songs Elvis Presley covered during his recording career:


These next two sites are particularly valuable for researching record labels and years for various 45s: