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We invite you to visit these “friends of R&SRNR” and/or helpful music information links:

Bob Mamet is an Internationally acclaimed, 7-time chart-topping Jazz Pianist and Composer known for his uniquely melodic and vibrant style. He is an incredible musician and an engaging personality. Check out his web site, and see him perform in his home base of Chicago and/or when he tours your area. For more information: http://www.bobmamet.com

Check out these web sites dedicated Connie Francis, whom we are saluting on "R&SRNR" episode #_071 ... and later this October ... episode #072: http://www.conniefrancis.com/. and http://www.conniefrancis.com/biography. Lots of great background about this incomparable singer, along with information about her latest book.

Here's a "must read" for music industry fans. It's Ron Roberts' "Nights Of The Turntable."

https://nights-of-the-turntable.com/. This is part 1 of a trilogy. Ron currently is working on part 2 that will be titled "Daze Of The Weak."  So, check out Ron's web site for updates.

Gary Myers has fabulous site for music instruction books plus incredible literature on the history of rock and roll in Wisconsin:  http://www.music-gem.com/index.html. He is a working musician who truly rocks, and you can obtain his latest CD at: http://gary-e.music-gem.com.

Here is a special note to our many Tallahassee, Florida followers and downloaders. We just discovered a fabulous terrestrial radio station with a great mix of country tuneage:  WDXD-LP 101.9 " / "Big D Country" with talented DJ Alan Alan McCall. http://www.bigdcountry.com/

All of us at Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll are strong believers in the healing and therapeutic importance of music. So, we are bringing to your attention and recommend that you check out: "How Music Helps with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Music Therapy" A detailed article by Will Tottle - https://www.myaudiosound.co.uk/music-therapy-benefits/

The best site on the entire Internet for tasty/healthy recipes, superb restaurant recommendations, and lots of inspiration for a fulfilling life – all with a Latin twist – is Suso's Fork: www.susosfork.com. It is hosted by Marianne Murciano. She and her husband, Bob Sirott, are famed Chicago-based broadcasters and great supporters of "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll." When you subscribe to this site, tell Marianne that "Radio Dave sent you." 

Great music awaits you at our favorite Internet radio station 121NetRadio - StarSets: www.121netradio.com.  There is a built in player on the page for playback. The station is also available through SHOUTcast.com and Tune-in.com by searching "121netradio".

And if you like model trains, you'll love this site: the Radio Trains YouTube channel is available at: www.youtube.com/radiotrainsplus. Start with the first video listed under "Popular Uploads" for an overview of this amazing layout and how it was built.

Need to know more background about one of your favorite 1950s and 1960s rock & roll acts? One of the best sites we have found is the Way Back Attack site. Really outstanding information you will not find anywhere else. http://www.waybackattack.com/index.html

Check out the adventures of 1960s D.J. Johnny Lizard in Much More Wonderful Worm -- now available at no cost at: http://jinglesamplers.com/muchmorewonderfulworm.htm   

This is the site for the Doowop2Soul show hosted by Nay and Soul Man Jan:

This is the site for the 3D Radio Activity show hosted by Marty Masters:

This is the YouTube site for Curtis Linder's Curtis Collects Vinyl videos:

The next two links are for the two-volume Answer Songs books that Radio Dave co-authored:


Dick Rosemont has created the best documented and most trusted reference site for the original versions of pop/rock and roll songs: http://www.originalsproject.us/

David Neale has assembled the most comprehensive site ever on the origins and original versions of songs Elvis Presley covered during his recording career:


These next two sites are particularly valuable for researching record labels and years for various 45s: