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A Must-Resource!

Bill Carroll brings the perspective and training of a scientist to the field of chartology (yes, there is such a thing) through a series of books which can be found at  His motto is Data Science in the Service of Pop Music History.  When he ranks stuff, it’s not an opinion of what’s good, it’s what the charts said was popular.  Part exhaustive reference and part fun lists, there is a video tour of each book at the website.

A message from Radio Dave:

You may not know that my podcast partner and our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, is a nationally-known author and has written hundreds of articles and five books and since 2000, including his newest e-book, “Jingles and More.” It’s available now!

In it you can read about larcenous radio general managers, egomaniacal disc jockeys, radio contests that blew up and hitline callers who were not what they seemed. It’s everything you wanted to know about the wacky worlds of radio and jingles.

All five of Ken’s books are now available together as one digital download at one very low price.  Click here,  and you’ll be taken to ordering information for what we call “Ken R’s Book Bundle Bonanza!”  You don’t need any kind of special reader, like a Kindle. The download you get is a PDF, compatible with Mac and PC computers, your phone or even a tablet-type device. You’ll get all of Ken’s other writings too, which are guaranteed to make you smile. And did we mention you also get about 90 minutes of free radio jingles as a bonus audio file?  Well, you do. Highly recommended by the staff and management of "Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘n Roll."

The Greatest Four Seasons Web Site ever! in 2018 they are telling ‘The Four Seasons Story’ as they become a reference, collectors and data source for anyone studying the history of Frankie and the group over the last 50 + Years. There is access to a huge amount of Four Seasons information here in the web links above with articles, Newsletters and blogs which include published media clippings, music release data and concert reviews over the decades. This site contains...The roll of honour that documents the group members over the years up to circa 1994. Their Discographies which provide the most comprehensive list of the groups vinyl recordings anywhere on the web. Their CD Discography which covers all major CD releases since the advent of CD’s in the late 1980s to 2010 with sound quality ratings. Their E-Book which tells the story of the group from Nick Massi and Charles Callelo’s departures. There is a link to the story of the female Four Seasons…’The Rag Dolls’ led by Jean Thomas. Their two blogs have run for over 15 years and these links enables access to every post and the research they have done. The Masters Section cover the most comprehensive existing listing of all 'known' Frankie Valli and Four Seasons recordings with Session/Artist/Timeline/vinyl release data up to them leaving Motown in 1974 as gathered and verified over the last 40 + years with contributions from many fans living and passed.

Here is a web site resource you must absolutely remember to visit – FORGOTTEN HITS
They're doing their part to Keep The Music Alive. Their Damn-Near Daily Posts can be found here: And at their archive site, you can find some of their most popular articles: This is the place to share your musical memories alongside the deejays who play the oldies and the artists who made them back when they were brand new! They are currently celebrating their 22nd year, and they totally rock

Doo-Wop fans: Glen Fisher's "Doo-Wop Ramblings Newsletter" totally rocks. The original intent of "Doo Wop Ramblings" was to let Glen Fisher's radio listeners know what songs were being played on his radio show, "Doo Wop Revival."  As time went on, he became more focused on keeping his readers updated on the latest news and happenings in our musical world. Over the past nine years it has taken on a life of its own. With readers in 45 countries, it shows that there is a desire for anything and everything Doo Wop. Glen says, "we may be a small community but we are extremely dedicated to our music." To subscribe to the "Doo Wop Ramblings Newsletter::  You can hear Glen Fisher on Sundays at 6PM to 7PM on WJCT Plus his "Doo Wop Revival Show" also airs on ​ Saturdays from 4PM to 6PM with rebroadcasts on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8AM to-10AM.

Need to know more background about one of your favorite 1950s and 1960s rock & roll acts? One of the best sites we have found is the Way Back Attack site. Really outstanding information you will not find anywhere else.

Check out the adventures of 1960s D.J. Johnny Lizard in Much More Wonderful Worm -- now available at no cost at:   

This is the site for the 3D Radio Activity show hosted by Marty Masters:

This is the YouTube site for Curtis Linder's Curtis Collects Vinyl videos:

The next two links are for the two-volume Answer Songs books that Radio Dave co-authored:  

Dick Rosemont has created the best documented and most trusted reference site for the original versions of pop/rock and roll songs:

David Neale has assembled the most comprehensive site ever on the origins and original versions of songs Elvis Presley covered during his recording career:

These next two sites are particularly valuable for researching record labels and years for various 45s:

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