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Helpful Links

We invite you to visit these “friends of R&SRNR” and/or helpful music information links:

Check out the adventures of 1960s D.J. Johnny Lizard in "Much More Wonderful Worm" -- now available at no cost at: http://jinglesamplers.com/muchmorewonderfulworm.htm   

This is the site for the "Doowop2Soul" show hosted by Nay and Soul Man Jan:

This is the site for the "3D Radio Activity" show hosted by Marty Masters:

This is the YouTube site for Curtis Linder's "Curtis Collects Vinyl" videos:

This is the site for a compelling, award winning mystery/suspense novel oriented toward classical music. The Lost Concerto, by Helaine Mario  (the Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll staff's favorite fiction writer), tells the story of a classical pianist who is drawn into a search across France for her missing godson and a priceless concerto lost during World War II.  Music tells our stories.

The next two links are for the two-volume Answer Songs books that Radio Dave co-authored:


Dick Rosemont has created the best documented and most trusted reference site for the original versions of pop/rock and roll songs:

David Neale has assembled the most comprehensive site ever on the origins and original versions of songs Elvis Presley covered during his recording career:


These next two sites are particularly valuable for researching record labels and years for various 45s:


Jay Douglas provides authoritative insights on radio, podcasting, and related subjects on his web site and in his blog:


Kasha Rodig is an outstanding make-up and hair professional for all visual commercial media. Please visit her site for examples of her work and contact information.