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About Mr. Announcer

Mr. Announcer

The newest addition to our “Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll" family is Mr. Announcer, who lost his birth name in an unfortunate childhood accident involving a stray cat and a Waring blender.

From an early age he knew he wanted to talk to people over the radio, but he didn’t know quite how to go about it. He thought he had to talk into something, so he tried out his voice on various appliances around the house such as a toaster and a microwave oven, neither of which brought him success.

It was several years later when he was watching the film, “American Graffiti” that he beheld famed DJ Wolfman Jack speaking into a microphone at a radio station. “Ah hah!” he thought.  “So that’s how it works.”

At age 15, Mr. Announcer (as he refers to himself now) contacted local radio station WIMP(AM) in his home town of Sheboygan, Michigan. The station was only 200 watts, and it played nothing but easy listening music 24 hours a day, but he applied for a job anyway. The general manager was desperate to find someone, anyone, to fill the all-night slot, so Mr. Announcer was hired.

It was a humble beginning, but from there his career took off like a rocket! To Ishpeming, Saugatuck, then Climax and Hell, Michigan, and finally he landed in a major market – Kalamazoo. From there, “Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll” picked him up, and we consider ourselves lucky to get such a talent for our podcast