Ken Deutsch is a former disc jockey, former TV director and former owner of a recording studio that specialized in radio jingles. These days he types closed captions online to assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Shunning the limelight, Ken usually performs his production magic behind-the-scenes on Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll, working with Radio Dave Milberg, a friend and broadcast buddy since their college days together almost 50 years ago, when they were both doing shows on WCBN-AM and WPAG-AM-FM/Ann Arbor, as well as WXYZ-AM/Detroit. Deutsch makes occasional appearances online as his alter-ego, 1960s DJ “Johnny Lizard.” For the last 31 years, he’s also been a feature writer for “Radio World” and several other publications.

Deutsch and his wife live in sunny Sarasota year ‘round, which Ken says is far better than shoveling snow and raking leaves most of the year in his previous state of residence, Ohio. Ken’s goal for the future is to try to stop talking about himself in the third person.  

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